Why should we invest in Mall of Korang?

Why Should We Invest In Mall Of Korang?


Property business is providing you immense ROI in Pakistan. Especially, in recent years, the real estate sector in the country has shown unparalleled progress. The incentives being provided by governments, the involvement of big fishes in the property business, the development of mass housing societies, and the massive interest of overseas Pakistanis have made this sector a lucrative one for investors.

Indisputably, investment in the real estate sector is considered one of the most profitable investments. So, this sector provides you with safe and secure investment opportunities with high ROI.

Korang Town

It is being constructed adjacent to the PWD housing society. Islamabad city is a few minute’s drive from the town. Developers of Korang Town are pursuing their dream to provide state-of-the-art facilities to its residents at their doorstep and provide them with a luxurious lifestyle by imparting modern facilities.

Mall Of Korang

The Mall of Korang is located in the center of Korang Town. It consists of 2.4 Kanal. The design of mall has been designed by renowned designers and that makes it a unique and distinguished mall. It is deemed a shining star in the heart of Korang Town.


Al-Huda and Al-Safa Group are the developers of this spectacle project. The developers of the Mall of Korang are renowned and have been hailed locally and internationally because of their previous landmark projects. Recently, the Al-Safa group has been awarded the best builder award by the president of Pakistan. The developers are determined to construct a monument project in the town to facilitate its residents by providing advanced housing options and multifold investment opportunities.

Q. Why Should We Invest in the Mall of Korang?

 It is considered a great investment opportunity. Not only do its modern provisions are attracting investment, but its developers and builders are also trustworthy and have been praised in their previous projects. So, they can be trusted and there is no chance of any hassle.

Investment Options

Mall of Korang provides you with numerous investment opportunities in commercial and residential apartments. To ameliorate your lifestyle, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments have been constructed. Investing in these apartments is a great investment opportunity whether you intend to live here or sell them. Besides, shops for sale in the vicinity of Islamabad, with advanced structures have been built in the mall to make you run your business smoothly while living a luxurious life in the town.


Modern life cannot be imagined without the state of the art facilities. People work hard to make their lives easier and standardized. So, providing the demanded amenities is our top priority because we care for your values and desires.

Besides, providing you with a chance to live a memorable life, we are offering you a number of facilities to add value to your life.

Indoor Elevator

Elevators have been installed inside the mall for your security and convenience. As it is narrated that time is money so to save your precious time and swift your movement, modern elevators have been installed.

An Alluring Sauna

Your comfort is close to our hearts. That’s why we are striving to make your lives beautiful, easier, and full of comfort. A Sauna has been maintained in the mall to revitalize your comfort and make your feel relaxed in this time of stress.


Health is a thousand blessings and no blessing can be counted better than health. Further, a healthy mind nurtures a healthy body. So, to keep you fit and healthy, we have built a gymnasium in the mall where advanced instruments are available.


Mosques are the representation of Muslim culture. The comfort and peace you are looking for can definitely be found in the mosque. To strengthen your relation to Almighty Allah and to fulfill our religious obligations, a beautiful mosque has been constructed.

Basic Facilities

Basic facilities such as electricity and potable water are made available 24/7. Unfortunately, our country is going through a crisis and even basic facilities are not available for all. We tried our best to provide you with the latest facilities along with these basic requirements.

Q. Where Mall of Korang is located?

Korang Mall is located in the heart of Korang Town which is adjacent to PWD. Twin Cities can be accessed easily from the town. Korang Mall is an investment-friendly project and is fully capable to generate high ROI.

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    November 17, 2022

    […] keep you healthy and get you in shape, a state-of-the-art fitness center has been operated in the mall of korang.  Advanced equipment and professional trainers are available there to train […]

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