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Town One Islamabad – A Rational Overview


In this modern era not everyone’s goal in life is survival. With the development and progress in life, our approach to life has changed, and so is our living standard. The modern lifestyle is no more a luxury but a necessity. People spend all their lives getting their aspired lifestyle—much desire to own a home and live a lavish life.

In the first place, it is the duty of national governments to provide a decent lifestyle to their citizens. But a majority of governments are unable to do so mainly because of financial constraints. The private industry is playing a significant role in filling this gap and providing people with the life they are looking for. Town One Islamabad is one of the best housing societies in Islamabad. Its developers are trustworthy and reputed; the location is pivotal, with unmatched amenities, modern infrastructure, wide roads, and a charming lake. Its easy installment plan makes it a distinguished housing society in Islamabad.

The following are a few reasons that cannot be overlooked

Town One Location

The location of the property defines its value. If a property is located in a city, its value will be high. If it is in far-flung areas, then its value will decrease When it comes to the location of the Town One undoubtedly, it is pivotal. It is located near Bahria Enclave. Naval Farmhouse is also 5-minute away from it. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are easily accessible from society in a matter of minutes.


Al Safa Group and Al Huda Builders are developing this marvelous housing society. The developers are renowned and trustworthy. This is an essential factor to consider because if a developer is famous, he will not deceive you, and he can easily be trusted. In addition, their previous projects are still appreciated. So, if you invest in Town One, you will not fear losing your investment.

Modern Lifestyle

This society provides you with an advanced lifestyle, basic facilities such as 24/7 electricity, gas, and potable water, and modern-day facilities such as advanced educational and health facilities, fitness centers, parks, gardens, playgrounds, and many more. The developers of society are striving hard to make you feel comfortable while living a luxurious lifestyle.

Easy Installment Plan

The installment plan of Town One is considered convenient and suitable for everyone. Unlike other payment plans, the payment plan of this society is attractive to everyone. Even people who cannot afford to invest elsewhere could invest in this project.

 A Beautiful Lake

Generally, it is unthinkable to enjoy the beauty of a lake in a residential area. A lake enhances the beauty and charm of its surrounding areas. This mesmerizing scenery is available in the Town One Islamabad. The beautiful lake in the society enhances the society’s beauty and adds magnetism. Just imagine the view of a lake from your balcony, it seems unreal, but we made it true.

Standardized Development

The development of housing society meets modern standards. Roads are wide, and greenery has been maintained to provide a natural touch to the community. The greenery of the parks makes your leisure time more productive.27/4 security is available with the presence of CCTV cameras.

Why Should We Prefer Living in a Housing Society?

Buying or purchasing land in a housing project is easier than in other areas. You can buy a property in installments. Further, they offer more provisions than other places.

So if you are looking for a safe and secure investment and quicker profits, then it is the right time to invest with Al Safa Group and invest in one of our projects where we provide every facility of life, including family parks, mosques, educational institutions, and modern hospitals.

Town One is for sure a good investment option. You can invest in commercial and residential areas. The payment plan and installment plan are very convenient.

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