Benefits of living in Islamabad.

Benefits Of Living In Islamabad


We all have been blessed with a single life. So, we do not have many options besides living an exemplary life. Undoubtedly, our life must be full of joy, love, happiness, and calmness. Every moment of life is worthy and we cannot waste it living a dull, monotonous, and colorless life. In this blog, we will try to make you reconsider your lifestyle by providing you with pre-requisite for a perfect and balanced life.

Islamabad is a newly built and the Capital of Pakistan. The city is famous because of its provisions and natural beauty and life here is visualized as appealing and desired.

The following are a few factors that make your life beautiful in the Capital City.

Natural Beauty:

In this fast life, it is hard to consider natural beauty in a city. But it is not unknown to Islamabad. The proximity to Margallah Hills enhances the beauty of the city. Firstly, it keeps the temperature in the city moderate. Secondly, it adds value to the look of the city. Thirdly, Margallah Hills provides a number of picnic and hiking spots. Fourthly, Margallah Hills National Park is the habitat of numerous wild animals that further personifies its beauty.

A Structured City:

Islamabad is a planned city and its structure is alluring. Roads and infrastructure here are advanced and well-structured. This is one of the factors that made it a business city and a tourist destination. Its drainage and sewerage system is appropriate. Greenery is maintained alongside roads. For beautification, parks have been constructed in every sector.

Law and Order Situation:

The law and order situation in Islamabad is better than in other cities. It is considered the most secure and protected city in Pakistan. A comprehensive security plan is followed to maintain vigilance and mitigate the risk factors. CCTV cameras have been installed and the presence of trained security personnel makes the situation better.

Advanced Health and Educational Facilities:

Several hospitals of international standards have been operating in the city. Besides the public sector, the private sector has played a keen role in improving health standards in the city by providing the latest health facilities. These hospitals are not only facilitating locals but patients from other parts of the country also come here for better treatment.

Further, educational institutions in the city are also matchless. This city hosts several internationally reputable institutions that provide up-to-date education to students. From school education to university education, all is peerless. Most of Pakistan’s top-ranked universities are located in Islamabad.

Hosts National and International Events:

Islamabad is considered a melting pot of cultures. People from every part of the country reside here.

Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Sindhi, Balochi, Kashmiri, Gilgati, and Saraiki are prominent ethnic groups in Pakistan and people from all these ethnicities live here and present their cultures. That is the unique beauty of this city. Its residents belong to different cultures, speak different languages, and their cultural dresses are different but here all are united under one flag. Besides local events, a plethora of international communities also live here and they also arrange cultural events.

 A Hub of National and International Brands:

The Capital city has also been deemed a hub of local and global bands. Because of a standardized lifestyle, brands are attracted to it which makes it a shopping destination as well. Although it is a bit expensive city based on the quality and variety of products, the cost factor might be ignored.

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