Is Mall Of Korang A Preferable Investment?


The real estate sector in the country is expanding. With the development of modern housing societies, investors’ interest has increased dramatically. Local and foreign investors are taking a keen interest in this sector because it secures their savings and multiplies them. In this blog, we will discuss one of the best investment options in Islamabad


The Mall of Korang is located in Korang Town, known for its advanced facilities and provisions. The town is situated next to the PWD housing society. Islamabad can be accessed in a matter of minutes from Korang Mall. Its impeccable location, cleanliness, and advanced facilities make it a unique society


Builders and developers of a project are deemed essential for the project’s success. Al Safa Group and Al Huda Builders are developing this unmatched project. They are renowned in the country and have produced several successful projects. In the real estate sector, they have earned a good reputation and have been praised several times. In addition to the current projects by Al Safa Group and Al Huda Builders, it is highly recommended to explore investing in these other two projects of Al Safa Group which are Town One and Al Barka Heights.

Why is Mall Of Korang Distinguished?

The master plan of the mall, its unique location, renowned developers, and unparalleled facilities make it an excellent investment option. Whether your investment is commercial or residential, there are high chances that you will earn a high ROI


To make your investment decision wise and prudent, it is mandatory to know about the amenities a project intends to offer

The Following Are a Few Facilities That The Mall is Offering

Retail Stores and Offices

The first three floors of the mall have been allocated for offices, shops, and places for brands. The design and structure of these facilities are investment friendly. Many local and global brands will be available here which will allow its residents easy access to their favorite brands


1-bed and 2-bed apartments have been developed in the mall. Life here will be matchless because apartments are well-structured and maintained adequately. One of the most attractive things is the mall is open from four sides. So, there will not be any ventilation and light-related issue


A beautiful mosque has been built in the mall to provide its residents with a place where they can offer prayers collectively


Elevators in a building have become a basic necessity. The importance of elevators has been considered by their developers. So, two inside elevators have been installed for the convenience of you people

Parking Place

Parking places are considered crucial by investors. The developers of the Mall of Korang have allocated a floor for parking for the comfort of its residents and investors. Besides other parking spaces, the mall also offers spaces for parking


A modern-day sauna has been built in the mall to add peace to your lives by dispersing depression and anxiety. A bath in Sauna will take you beyond this material world and make you feel the relaxation and pleasure that you are finding out

Fitness Centre

A healthy body is the supreme blessing. To keep you healthy and get you in shape, a state-of-the-art fitness center has been operated in the Mall of Korang.  Advanced equipment and professional trainers are available there to train you

Q. Why Should I Invest in the Mall of Korang?

The mall is in a prime location, and the twin cities are a few km away. Further, the structure of the mall and provisions here are peerless

Q. Why are Shopping Malls Suitable for the Community?

A mall provides manifold advantages to a community such as offering numerous business and job opportunities to people living nearby. Further, a mall is considered a good shopping destination because you can purchase all your required thing from a mall.

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