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What Does A Home Mean To You?


When we hear the word “Home”, we are unconsciously attracted to it. So, in this blog, we will unfold what it means and why it fascinates us. According to an English saying, “Home is where the heart is”. It discloses that it has closeness to our hearts, feelings, and emotions. The home meaning in Urdu is “گھر”.

The home is a sense of belongingness and attachment to a place. Some may refer to it as a country; some may describe it as a place where they get peace, comfort, and security. In general, home is a physical structure where we are born, where we dwell, where our loved ones live, and where we create unforgettable memories. No matter where we are, this word incites our senses.

The definition of the word “Home” may differ from person to person, based on their version of understanding. But, at heart, it is the same thing. Everyone would describe it differently, but at the core, it would reflect the same meaning “the oasis of comfort”. It is a place where you have refuge from the outside world, feels secure and comfortable, can produce memories with your loved ones, and can be the best version of yourself. Because of weak economic conditions, many people live in rental houses, and many rents their own homes. In rental houses, people are not satisfied and cannot have a feeling of living in a home. Further, more often than that, they have to change their houses, so this continuous struggle incites them to build their own houses. 

Difference Between House and Home

In fact, there is not much difference between them, and both can be used alternatively. But, in philosophy, both are different. A house is just a building or a physical structure, while a home is a structure to which we live and have an emotional attachment. Renting to own a home to others does not make that home for others.

What does a Home Symbolize?

It symbolizes a secure and protected place. A place where we are comfortable, out of worries, and a place that is always in our hearts and imagination. Modern-day life cannot be envisaged without a personal home. If we have a home, we can design it, and renovate it as per our requirements and aspirations. Secondly, having a home has become a norm today and a family is not considered stable unless they have their own home. So, besides, being a place to build memories, it is also a necessity.

Things to Look for While Buying a Place to Live in

While buying a plot or a house to live in, you cannot overlook other factors that can further facilitate you. In the real estate market, the following factors are considered the basis of a decent investment.


The location of a house or a place is the most crucial factor that you should focus on. It is not only important from the investment perspective but also valuable from a contentment point of view. For example, if you buy a home in Town One Housing Society, you will have proximity to the capital city. You will have access to advanced healthcare and educational facilities. It is considered a modest investment in Islamabad.

Modern Facilities

Modern facilities add value, comfort, and joy to your life. Besides, advanced educational and health care facilities, recreational facilities are also incumbent to make you live your life. Town One and Mall of Korang provide you with the life that you always wished for. We have worked hard to provide a luxurious life to everyone from a child to a septuagenarian. Most importantly, these investments are located in Islamabad.


We do not spend our hard-earned money to build a structure but to transform our family’s future. If we have a home, we could think beyond to rephrase our future ambitions. Our will and determination to construct our own homes are to have a peaceful, secure, and comfortable life. Our build our dream house, we always need experienced real estate agents.

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